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Company Name
President Motoyasu Nakamura
Head office
2-34 Minami Uematsu-Cho, Yao City, Osaka, Japan             Access Map≫
TEL: 072-922-7881(General) / FAX: 072-924-1318
Established on
August 08, 1961
1,100 million yen
Single: 1,299 employees Married: 2,248 employees
Business activities
Machine Tools : Centerless grinding machine, Surface grinding machine, Multi-head grinding machine, Special purpose grinding machine
FA Systems : Automatic measuring systems, Automatic assembly systems, Combined systems
Precision Apparatus : Precison ball screws, Indexing chucks, Spindle units
Drive shafts
Intermediate steering shafts
Public Certifications Acquired
Yao plant April, 2001 ISO14001 Certification
October, 2004 ISO9001 Certification
February, 2006 JISHA OSHMS Accreditation
Yuzaki plant December, 1999 ISO9001 Certification
March, 2000 QS-9000 Certification
April, 2001 ISO14001 Certification
November, 2006 JISHA OSHMS Accreditation
ISO/TS16949 Certification
Gojo plant April, 2001 ISO14001 Certification
October, 2004 ISO9001 Certification
February, 2006 JISHA OSHMS Accreditation
Tokyo branch May, 2007 ISO14001 Certification
Chubu branch May, 2007 ISO14001 Certification
Patents and Technical tie-ups
120 domestic patents and 43 overseas patents
Technical tie-ups: 6

China: Wuxi Koyo Machine Industries Co.,Ltd. <Centerless grinding machines Horizontal shaft surface grinding machines>
China: Koyo Joint (Xiamen) Co.,Ltd. <Intermediate shafts>
Thailand: Koyo Joint(Thailand)Co.,Ltd. <Intermediate shafts>
America: JTEKT Automotive Texas,Lp. <Intermediate shafts>

South Korea: TIC BALLSCREW CO.,LTD. <Ball screws>

Licensing-in: Germany: FORKARDT CO.,LTD. <Indexing chucks>

Company History

August, 1961
Separated from Koyo Seiko Co., Ltd. (currently JTEKT) to become an independent company Company capital 200 million yen
October, 1961
Operation commenced.
November, 1962
Commenced operation of Yao plant
August, 1963
U.S.A.: Technical tie-up with Van Norman Machine Tool Company, started production of centerless grinding machines
December, 1963
U.S.A.: Technical tie-up with Mattison Machine Works, started production of surface grinding machines
October, 1967
Started production of drive shafts
May, 1969
Capital increased to 400 million yen
October, 1972
Germany: Technical tie-up with FORKARDT CO.,LTD., started production of indexing chucks
December, 1977
Started production of intermediate shafts
October, 1980
Started production of precison ball screws
September, 1982
Capital increased to 600 million yen
February, 1983
Started production of spindle units
April, 1988
Started production of automatic measuring systems (FA system)
February, 1989
Capital increased to 1,100 million yen
August, 1991
Commenced the operation of Yuzaki plant
December, 1991
Established overseas affiliated company KOYO MACHINERY U.S.A.,INC.(KMU) at Detroit, U.S.A.
February, 1994
Joint Venture in Wuxi, China: Established Wuxi Koyo Machine Industries Co., Ltd.
April, 1995
Commenced the operation of Gojo plant (TechnoPark, Nara)
August, 1996
Independent company in Wuxi, China: Established Koyo Machinery (Wuxi) Software Co Ltd (KWS)
January, 1997
Established Kohki-Techno Co.,Ltd.
March, 2000
Commenced the operation of Yuzaki plant QS-9000 Certification
May, 2001
Yao plant, Yuzaki plant, Gojo plant ISO14001 Certification
July, 2001
Overseas affiliated company in Thailand Established of Koyo Joint(Thailand)Co.,Ltd.(KJT)
January, 2003
Established South Korea branch
July, 2004
Acquired capital in Shye Fu Koyo (Xiamen) Mechanical Industry Co.,Ltd. (SF-koyo)
October, 2004
Yao plant, Gojo plant ISO9001-2000 Certification
July, 2005
Acquired capital in KSTX (Koyo Steering Systems of Texas.L.P.) U.S.A. (Currently, JATX JTEKT Automotive Texas.L.P.)
February, 2006
Yao plant, Gojo plant JISHA OSHMS Accreditation
November, 2006
Yuzaki plant TS16949 Certification
Yuzaki plant JISHA OSHMS Accreditation
April, 2008
Construction of new factory of Wuxi Koyo Machine Industries Co., Ltd. complete
December, 2009
Company name changed from Koyo Machinery (Wuxi) Software Co.,Ltd. (KWS) to Koyo Machinery (Wuxi) Co.,Ltd. (Expansion of operation scope)
April, 2010
Yuzaki plant TSI16949-2009 Certification Update
December, 2010
Established KOYO JOINT (XIAMEN) CO. LTD. (KJX) at Xiamen, China
April, 2011
South Korea branch shut down, established overseas affiliated company Koyo Machinery(korea) Co.,Ltd. (KMK)